Teaching & Learning PROGRAMS

Keynotes and All-staff Skillshops

Our Keynotes and All-staff Skillshops have two things in common -- audience involvement and humor. Hour long, half-day and full-day presentations actively role model body/brain based theories and teaching methods. Prior to each presentation, the event organizer selects specific Learning Outcomes based upon the interests, readiness and skill-level of the target audience. These outcomes are then pursued in the most vibrant and engaging ways using body/brain-based methods. Following each presentation, a motivational Body/brain Branches Program can be offered, reinforcing key concepts and encouraging further discovery, application, sharing and celebration. Our goal is to inspirit learning and promote creative collaboration. 

Neuroscience of Teaching and Learning -- Alive!

(One hour to full-day sessions)

Program Description: A cascade of brain research suggests effective ways of exciting, speeding and deepening learning and retention for all ages and learning styles. Educators utilizing these scientific discoveries are experiencing spellbinding results. Corporate trainers employing body/brain-compatible methods are documenting huge savings, in some cases reducing training time by 50% while achieving the same or better learning results. A virtual global learning revolution is occurring with a multitude of teachers revitalizing their practice. What exactly is body/brain-compatible learning? How does it look? How does it feel? Most important, how does one adapt these methods to their classroom? Join us for a highly engaging session, modeling these enriching methods while learning the biology of the body/brain they enhance. Whether you sit and watch, or choose to get involved, experience an intriguing array of easy, natural, engaging sensory-motor activities that make body/brain-compatible learning flourish.

Learning Outcomes: 

(Choose the outcomes you want to pursue based upon your group's
needs, readiness, and the time allocated for the presentation.)

· Identify effective ways of creating optimal physical, mental, emotional, and social learning states needed before higher levels of thinking and learning occurs.

· Shift learning from the reactive amygdala and areas of the sub-cortex to the reflective frontal regions of the brain designed for creativity and critical thinking skills.

· Show how neurons, DNA, dendrites, axons, synapses, and neurotransmitters (e.g., dopamine, serotonin, GABA, cortisol, etc.) work within the body/brain to create learning and memory.

· Acquire handy ways of gathering immediate feedback designed to meet student needs.

· Arouse the 'attentional' brain (without drugs) by engaging the reticular activation system.

· Enhance motivation by building pleasure/reward circuits within the body/brain.

· Design a lesson that best facilitates learning given our understanding of body/brain function. 

· Extend memory by engaging positive emotions and the implicit muscle-memory system.

· Expand learning and reduce stress by creating coherent energy though heart/brain entrainment.

· Locate a rich network of body/brain-based teaching and learning resources worldwide.

· Strengthen student's visual, auditory and body-in-space systems vital to learning.

· Discover what goes wrong and natural (non-drug) ways of correcting learning disorders.

· Recognize and accommodate student's preferred learning styles - especially the hard to reach.

· Engage the multiple intelligences (all eight ways of knowing), giving all learners ways to excel.

· Shift learning from internal to external focus, thereby capturing and keeping student attention.

· Shift classroom management away from teacher-directed discipline towards shared responsibility.

· Balance classroom routines with creative spontaneity to achieve dynamic, not chaotic learning.

· Create learning celebrations to further encode learning experiences into long-term memory.

· Assess the results using research-based, body/brain-compatible teaching and learning methods.



Student Assemblies

(Grades Pre-K to18) (One hour to three hour sessions)

The Shake, Rattle and Grow! program teaches students how to activate their brain and energize their body naturally, without drugs. Gifts Worth Sharing! explores unique learning styles and how students can develop their potential. Enough is Enough! discourages tobacco use. All programs are highly interactive, humorous and celebratory with students frequently invited on stage to role model their confidence and learning skills. Follow-up classroom activities reinforce the wellness and learning concepts being taught. 

Student assemblies provide an effective way of introducing body/brain-based learning to a school staff.  




Community Learning Celebrations
(Appropriate for ages 0.01 to 120.1) (One to two hours)

Invitation: You are invited to our Free Family Fun Learning Festival -- starring unborn fetuses and infants in their natural brilliance. toddlers at their height of learning perfection. pre-school age children who have mastered the ease and naturalness of learning. school-age children and teenagers who are discovering learning authenticity. and all adults interested in current body/brain research and learning. 

Enjoy many novel activities showing how to expand brain connections -- sharpen focus -- heighten attention -- boost learning potential -- build and preserve memory -- make learning effortless and fun -- energize your body/brain - tap your preferred learning style - engage multiple intelligences - discover brain-boosting foods - find out what can go wrong and how to correct learning problems - and create a nurturing home that enhances learning. Whether you sit back and watch, or actively participate, you will leave feeling refreshed and equipped with learning skills needed to excel in this fast-changing world. 

Unborn Babies and Early Childhood

(Ages 0.01 to 5.91) (One hour to full-day sessions)

Marvel at the magnificence of early childhood development. Discover what parents and childcare providers can do to capitalize on the phenomenal body/brain growth of our youngest learners. Shape the child's learning potential. Lay down neuro pathways using movement patterns that wire the whole body/brain, building the capacity to learn.

Starting before pregnancy, learn what parents can do to produce brighter babies --what precautions need to be taken, exercises performed, thoughts entertained, and nutrients consumed. 

After birth, learn how to enrich the environment to maximize body/brain development. Hard wire the brain with early activities that follow a developmental timetable. Utilize the power of play to build mental abilities. Stimulate sensory-motor development and vestibular system enhancement to improve the child's ability to take in knowledge. Learn how to promote language development, early reading, writing and math. At the same time boost self-confidence and nurturing for the child and care provider as well.




BOOGIE Audience Warm-ups

(Prior to keynotes at conferences) (5 to 15 minutes segments)

Invigorate your audience with a spirited movement sequence that captures the essence of body/brain-compatible learning while teaching the neurobiology from which these effective practices are derived. Perfect before keynotes, the Boogie is an instant mood enhancer and attention booster. People may observe or participate in the progressive series of movements that build group trust and camaraderie. The Boogie routine is totally original, instantly engaging, and humorous too. It is not a set of energizers taken from a typical trainer's handbook, nor clever skits or magic tricks that entertain people. Now with catchy rhymes (see Boogie Lyrics) added to the rhythm, the Boogie adds 'hip' to 'lip' further delighting people.

Early Morning Energizers
(Late afternoon or evening too) (Suggested time, 45 minutes)

Embody whole body/brain learning. Before breakfast, put on your spandex and get pumped. Feel energized whether you work to achieve your aerobic target heart rate, or come in and observe. Enjoy state-of-the art, whole body/brain-based learning, using intriguing gestures that teach wellness ideas related to enhanced learning. Topics include: neurobiology, nutrition, exercise, sleep, dreams, stress and feeling management, responsible communication, environmental sensitivity, sensory and vestibular enhancement, memory creation and learning celebration. Concepts volunteered from participant's subject areas (e.g., Math, Communications, Science, Geography, Health, Computers, etc.) are put to movement. 





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